Pregame Q&A with New York Media

Q: Hey LeBron, would you like to play for the Knicks someday?

A: Right now I’m trying to focus on what I have at task. That’s the Cavs and us getting better everyday and compete for a championship. To bring that type of distraction to our team right now would be unfair to my team, the coaching staff and the rest of the organization.

Q: You’re not blind, teams are making trades and it is clear what teams are trying to do.

A: July 1 of 2010 is going to be a big day. It’s probably going to be one of the biggest days in the history of free agency in the NBA. A lot of teams are gearing up to put themselves in position to get one of the big free agents.

Q: Last week you said you wanted to end up where you could play for the most championships. Does the size of the marketplace matter to you at all?

A: That is something that is not a factor. You look at a guy like Tim Duncan, who decided to sign in San Antnio. He took pay cuts so they could sign Manu and Tony Parker and compete for a championship. We all know San Antonio is not a big market at all. So for me, it is all about winning, it’s not about the market.

Q: You said Tim took less, does that mean you would take less than a max contract if it meant bringing in more talent?

A: I didn’t say that (laughs). I like the talent part but I didn’t say I was taking less.

Q: You’ve said you have respect for this building, do you have a different impression for the team that plays here now than you did for the last few years?

A: I think coach Mike D’Antoni has done a great job thus far to get them in a system that works for them. I think in the last couple of years they have been in a system that doesn’t work for them. In the past they’ve had the same type of players and Mike has allowed them to get up and down and run and gun. It’s definitely a different team.

Q: If Cleveland won in the next year or two years, would it be easier or harder for you to consider leaving?

A: I don’t know. We’re going to try to do our best this year to try to win it and try to win it next year. Like I said, July 1 is a big day…for me to give you an answer of where I am going or whether I am staying or not, I don’t know.

Q: Do you like playing in up-tempo systems?

A: I had fun this summer bringing that offense to the Olympic Team. We were able to do some things offensively that were honestly unstoppable.

Q: LeBron, are you flattered by all the attention that you’re getting in New York?

A: Absolutely, I am flattered that teams or there rumors go around that would love for me to be a part of their team. I can’t sit up here and say I’m not flattered. But right now I am with the Cavs. To answer your question, yes…we’ll see what happens.

Q: What about New York appeals to you?

A: I think the fans. The fans are really great. They love the game of basketball. Every time I come here there is a warm feeling because you know the history…being a basketball junkie how could you not love being in this building?

Q: How close of a relationship did you develop with Mike D’Antoni this summer?

A: Really close. Coach D’Antoni gave me a lot of freedom on the offensive end. I was a leader of that team and let me oversee a lot of the plays. I think we all know Mike D’Antoni’s system is all about freedom. It was great to be out there and be a part of that system. To be a part of that mastermind, of that system, you are like “wow.”

Q: Are you worried that some endorsements aren’t going to be there like they were in the past?

A: I don’t know…I know I have great relationships with the partners I have. All of them are long-term deals. There’s always going to be deals out there.

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