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Usher Comments on Lebron to New York Rumors

UsheratMusicChoice.JPGR&B singer USHER, stopped by Music Choice to promote his new album “Raymond vs. Raymond” and spent some time talking about his “other job” as part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rarely do team owners comment on players, which make this sound bite even more appealing.

When asked about fan speculation about LeBron James signing with NY Knicks, USHER commented:

There have been conversations about Bron coming to(uh) NY.

And (uh) I guess just is heavy speculation until it becomes a reality or not.

I will say this much.

We do have orange and blue jerseys in Cleveland and he likes wearing them.

So I think were cool right now.

Here is the video (courtesy of Music Choice):

Lebron’s friend could be key to help Knicks land Lebron

No one seems to be more in pursuit of Lebron James than the New York media, New York Daily news in particular. It even seems like they are after Lebron more than the whole  Knicks organization.

In a recent article in the New York Daily news, the Knicks are using Lebron’s friend to help persuade him to come to New York. William Wesley, who is a friend of Lebron’s agent, Leon Rose, and other NBA high profile athletes, is getting red carpet treatment by Knicks president Donnie Walsh.

According to the article:

“World Wide Wes,” as he is affectionately known, is also quietly emerging as an important player in the Knicks’ pursuit of LeBron James. Wesley is known to be a friend and confidant of LeBron, who can become a free agent on July 1. With that in mind, it probably doesn’t hurt that Wesley and Knicks president Donnie Walsh have become Best Friends Forever.

Wesley was asked by Walsh to personally oversee Eddy Curry’s offseason workout. He attended the Knicks training camp for the second straight year and the Knicks didn’t let him out of their sight.

“If Wesley cracks a joke, everyone seated within five feet of him, as if on cue, begins to laugh. Wesley may be funny. But he’s not that funny.”

Wesley cautioned reporters not to read too much into his presence at Knicks camp. “I’m here for Eddy and for Allan,” Wesley said. “This has got nothing to do with LeBron.”

How New Salary Cap Might Impact the summer of 2010

Lebron James vs Hawks Game 1The NBA released a memo warning NBA teams that the salary cap is estimated to drop to somewhere between $50.4 million and $53.6 million for the 2010-11 season. That’s a drop of $5 to $8 million from last season’s salary cap of $58.7 million.

Leagues officials estimate that if basketball-related-income, or BRI as it is referred to in the NBA, drops by 2.5 percent in 2009-10 season, then the salary cap will be set at $53.6 million and a luxury-tax line of $65 million.

If BRI drops by as much as 5 percent, then teams would be looking at a $50.4 million salary cap and a luxury-tax line of $61.2 million in 2010-11.

What does this mean for Lebron James?

The new figures for 2009-10 season just announced by the league have set the salary cap at $57.7 million per team, that’s only down $1 million from $58.7 from 2008-09.

Lebron James can sign a contract extension with the Cavaliers that would pay him the max based on the 2009-10 season which would pay him around $17.3 million per year.

If Lebron James decides to wait until the summer of 2010:

Free agents such as Lebron James, Miami’s Dwyane Wade and Toronto’s Chris Bosh might have to reconsider because of the potential declines in cap space for external bidders, and more teams straying into luxury-tax territory.

If BRI drops by as much as 2.5 percent and the salary cap is set at $53.6 million, then the max a team can pay is around $16 million per year. If BRI drops by 5 percent and the salary cap is set at $50.4 million then the max a team can pay is a little over $15 million, which is only one million dollar more than what Lebron James is currently paid ($14.4 million).

This will also hinder the ability for teams who have been saving for the summer of 2010, including the Cavaliers, to sign more than one player to a max contract. The Knicks, for example will be restricted to signing one maximum-salaried player that summer which will only increase the Cavaliers chances to resigning James. New York’s original plan to lure James was founded upon trying to sign James and a second marquee free agent in 2010 such as Chris Bosh.

This is good news and bad news for the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are also rumored to be targeting Chris Bosh next summer. If these estimates hold true, then our chances of getting Bosh or another marquee player are slim.

Luxury Tax Payments Due:

  1. New York ($23,736,207)
  2. Dallas ($23,611,661)
  3. Cleveland ($13,707,010)
  4. Boston ($8,294,664)
  5. Los Angeles Lakers ($7,185,631)
  6. Portland ($5,899,356)
  7. Phoenix ($4,918,136)