Jackson Adapts To Growing Pains

Rob Moseley of the The Register-Guard writes; “He’s still Luke. Still refreshingly small-town, unaffected by life in the big-time. He wears that attitude on his sleeve. And his untucked shirt. And his loosely knotted tie.
The NBA may have a new dress code in place, but this is Luke Jackson we’re talking about. So when he got off the bus at the Rose Garden before Sunday’s game between his Cleveland Cavaliers and the Trail Blazers, Jackson’s hair was a brown mop, and his adherence to the dress code was minimal at best. “I basically look at this as his first year,” Cleveland coach Mike Brown said. “If Luke is playing well, I’ll leave him on the floor, and that was evident against the Lakers. I’m going to try and get him an opportunity, but I have other young players that I’m intrigued with. …
“My biggest concern with Luke right now, being (essentially) a young rookie, is turnovers. He can’t lead us in turnovers like he did (against Phoenix).” As for the missed shots, Jackson could only shrug. “I had a bunch of shots go in and out,” he said. “I had good looks at the hoop, and that’s all you can ask for.”

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