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Brian Windhorst from the Arkon Beacon Journal brings us up-to-date on the latest from Larry Hughes and how he is handling the dress code, to whether it is Luke or Sasha and even tosses in a little Lebron.

“Larry Hughes was the most outspoken Cavaliers critic about the new off-court dress code, but he has followed it. He has been a choir boy on the court, too.

The NBA this week warned about 10 teams that the players were out of on-court dress code, primarily for having shorts that go past the knee. The Cavs, and Hughes directly, were not one of them.

Hughes was a frequent violator of that rule last season with the Washington Wizards, when he and teammates Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison stylishly wore their shorts long. They were warned several times.”

“Cavs coach Mike Brown said before Wednesday’s game that Luke Jackson had pulled ahead of Sasha Pavlovic at backup swingman. Pavlovic started in that role, but Jackson has taken over the past three games. Brown said the decision was based on defense.

“Luke is ahead as of now,” Brown said. “Both of those guys can put the ball in the hole. I want to make sure they defend the right way, and right now, Luke is doing a nice job.”

Team insiders said Brown was upset that Pavlovic didn’t always follow the defensive game plan against the New Orleans Hornets or San Antonio Spurs. Jackson then got his chance and has satisfied the coach.”
LeBron James Poster
“Wednesday was LeBron James bobblehead night, but they weren’t the most noticeable James promotional item on display. Across the street from Quicken Loans Arena on a vacant side of the Terminal Tower building, Nike has posted a 120-by-200 foot ad featuring James.

It features a black and white photo of James going up for a dunk along with the tagline: “We are all just witnesses.” And, of course, a swoosh.

With James’ new shoe, the Zoom LeBron III, due out in stores Nov. 17, Nike is unveiling a new ad campaign. There have been ads in magazines for several weeks, and television spots will start soon.”

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