Damon Jones is Blacking Out the Media

I have been hearing this since the start of the media, but no sports columnist in Cleveland have written anything about it.Damon Jones not talking

In Toronto, a reporter approached Damon Jones before the game, Jones said without a smile, “I am not talking, I am on a revolt”

Indeed, once that was pointed out to Jones, he said “I’m not talking about basketball ever again, I’m talking about my life in general. No basketball questions.”

Some reporters think the reason he’s unhappy that he was beaten out as the opening-night starting point guard by Eric Snow.

Marshall, told of Jones’s boycott “That’s his comedian thing,” he said. “All of us are the same type of people, crazy in a good way. We like to laugh and joke, but we all want to win as well. It’s all about having fun, having a good time, building friendships. We just have the right mixture of guys personality-wise, around each other”.

Published by Luke Ross

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