Wally Szczerbiak to start against the Wizards

Mike Brown is expected to start Wally Szczerbiak at shooting guard today. Brown wants to keep Devin Brown in a reserve role to deal with the Wizards’ second team.

”It’s interesting for sure,” Szczerbiak said. ”That’s why you have to stay prepared and stay ready for whatever might happen.”

Szczerbiak was a bench player for Seattle and for the Cavaliers since the trade. He started in place of James in the last game of the season against Detroit.

James on Stevenson:

After practice yesterday, Lebron James addressed the media on Stevenson comments for the first time.

Stevenson told the Washington Post last month that his comments and anger at James came from a remark passed along to him by former Cavs forward Drew Gooden. Stevenson said it was both personal and basketball related.

James denied he said something personal:

”I never said anything personal about him, nothing about his family or anything that would tick somebody off like that,” James said. ”I don’t know what was said to him. I’ve never said anything personal about anybody. Now, did I say something about his basketball game? Maybe. About him personally? I don’t go that far.”

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