Police interview Damon Jones for possible sexual offense

Cavaliers G Damon Jones has been interviewed by police after an Arizona woman filed a complaint concerning a possible sexual offense.

“I am fully aware of the false accusations that have been made against me,” Jones said. “I’ve been very cooperative with the Westlake police and their investigation of this whole matter.

“When the investigation is over I feel like I will be vindicated of all charges.”

Earlier in the day, police in Westlake — a suburb 15 miles west of Cleveland — released a statement saying that they were investigating a possible sex offense. According to an incident report from the agency, the incident is to have occurred late Friday or early Saturday and did not involve a weapon.

In the statement, the police did not identify the complainant or Jones.

“It is unclear at this time what behavior [if any] took place in Westlake and whether that behavior constitutes an offense,” the statement said.

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