Jones Cleared

Cavaliers guard Damon Jones won’t be charged in the investigation of an Arizona woman’s claim that he committed a sexual offense against her.
“Barring any new information, our investigation is closed with no charges,” Westlake police Capt. Guy Turner said Wednesday. The 23-year-old woman, who was visiting Cleveland, filed a complaint against Jones when she returned to Chandler, Ariz., alleging an offense was committed March 3.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety analyzed evidence and results were negative for the presence of male DNA. The woman was unable to describe any sex act, where it may have taken place or who was involved, police said. “Numerous interviews with witnesses, including a professional athlete, consistently have not revealed an opportunity for a sex offense to have occurred,” Turner said.

Police would not identify the person who filed the complaint or say if Jones was the athlete accused. Jones, however, confirmed last month he was interviewed by police. He called the accusations false and said he would be vindicated when the investigation was over.

“Damon fully cooperated and the facts came out, which were Damon did absolutely nothing wrong,” said Jones’ lawyer, Patrick D’Angelo.

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