Varejao Breaks His Silence

In a exclusive interview with, a Brazilian news web site, Anderson talks about his contract negotiation with the Cavaliers.

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Anderson Varejao is the most prized free agent market NBA, and speculation about its future and complicated renovation with the Cavaliers are making rivers run ink States Unidos.Los Cavaliers, who preferred to put any meat on the grill (in other words, many dollars) to renovate a Pavlovic, drink winds by the Brazilian (piece capital in the consecucción his runners-up last season), but not just make an offer taste of Varejao (despite the trip to Brazil Danny Ferry to convince).

“It seems absurd to a lot of what is said” 
Access to Varejao, who is still in Brazil while awaiting news from the American press has become impossible, being the only means of communication able to talk to the Brazilian (thanks to the player’s own environment) .

“I saw the news about me and about my situation in the U.S. media, and I think it absurd that a lot of what is said: the details of the quantities of my contract,… assumptions are not quite right. No. I have been in the preolímpico, either in the pre-season, and Cleveland is playing the NBA while I train here in Brazil twice a day on my own. that I, all my fans as the team know that I want to play and I want to get a fair deal for both sides, “explained Varejao exclusively 
The Key negotiation
MARK sources claim that the player’s agents have been working to try to get a long-term contract with the Cavs, but has not been able to reach agreement. 
After failure to reach a settlement over a season, the Cleveland franchise has refused to offer Varejao an agreement for one year (only put on the table an option for renewal of 1.2 million which expired on Day 1 of October) Why? 
Because the franchise knows the true value of Anderson in the market. If the player had accepted the amount offered by the club, it would again be for the fourth consecutive year one of the Cavs lowest paid team.
The question Million

If in Cleveland think that Anderson can not get an agreement next summer’s better that they offer Why not firmarle by a campaign? This is the question of million for the Brazilian, its environment and even fans of the Cavs.

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