The Deal with Kidd Trade

The news were all over the net and media yesterday that Kidd was going back to his original team. By day end Wednesday, the deal was blocked.

Apperantly, Dallas Mavericks forward Devean George excercised his rights to block the deal and he did.

But according to sources, the deal will still happen. “I don’t think the trade is going anywhere,” George said, “I think it’s right there, but it’s kind of messed up how all the fingers are pointing at me.”George wanted to wait for his agent Mark Bartelstein to arrive from Chicago to hear all the details involved before making a binding decision.The deal would have sent point guard Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, center DeSagana Diop, guard Maurice Ager and George. Cash inducement of $3 million and two future first-round picks.

The Nets would give Jason Kidd and forward Malik Allen.
Lebron James on the deal:

It’s well know that Lebron James was hoping against all hopes that the Cavaliers from office could pull off a miracle to land Jason Kidd in Cleveland.

“No, I’m not disappointed, can’t you see it in my face?” James said, staring ahead as if someone had told him his dog died.

“Of course I wanted him to be part of our team but if we couldn’t get him I am glad he is out of the East. I hope he does well for that franchise. He’s a great player and a great leader.”

“I think the [front office] probably has been trying to do some things, I don’t know,” James said. “We all know we need to get better, that is simple. To me, I want to win now I don’t want to sit around and wait. Sometimes you have to.”

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