Is Mike Miller still an option?

The Memphis Grizzlies are having a fire sale. All veterans must go. No offer to low. Sale ends February 21st.  Jokes aside, the Grizzlies are purging their roster of costly veterans. Current ownership wants to sell, so player salaries will continue to be cut to attract potential buyers.   Of course, Damon Stoudamire was recently bought-out. And Pau Gasol was wrapped in a bow and given to the L.A. Lakers for a measly package of picks, prospects, and expiring contracts.

Reports indicate that Cleveland and Miami are angling for Memphis sharpshooter Mike Miller.   The Cavaliers aren’t getting Jason Kidd. They lack the assets to offer New Jersey, so they’ve turned their attention to Miller. His range would punish opposing defenses for double or triple-teaming LeBron James.   Shaq is out. The Matrix is in. And the Heat’s makeover continues. Pat Riley, also known as the oil-slick, likes Miller’s range, but is hesitant about acquiring the remaining two years and 19 million dollars on his contract. Still, Miami is interested because they must surround Dwyane Wade with more talent before he can use his early opt-out clause.   Either way, Miller will be moved. After all, the deals are fast and furious during Memphis’ fire sale.


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