Source confirmed Andre Miller Trade Rumors

An NBA Source confirmed trade rumors between the Cavaliers and the 76ers but nothing appear to be serious at this point. The Cavaliers have been shopping for a point guard for the past two seasons.

The Cavaliers are struggling with a record (12-16) that is worse than the Atlanta Hawks and they are sitting ninth in the Conference. The Cavaliers were booed in their last home game against Golden States and Lebron didn’t speak with the media after the game.

The article in Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday’s paper said that Ed Stefanski has hinted he is willing to trade Miller, perhaps packaged with another player for expiring contracts and draft picks.

According to Marc Narducci, “Cleveland just isn’t a good fit”. “the Sixers have more to realistically offer the Cavs than the other way around. Unless Cleveland suddenly felt like peddling LeBron James.”Drew Gooden name was mentioned along with Simmons and Ira Newble. The Cavaliers might try to ship Damon Jones because he’s been asking to be traded last season.

At this point, Stefanski is looking at all options and Miller could go by the trading deadline.

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