Should The Cavaliers Be a No-Excuse Team or Should We Complain?

“The officials get paid a lot of money, and that’s their job. If they don’t see anything, they don’t see anything. We’re a no-excuse team. We’ve got to get ready for Game 3.” Mike Brown said in the press conference after game 3.

Chris Sheridan from ESPN thinks the Mike Brown should have criticize the officials and take the fine.

“You know, Brown could have come up with a line or two like that. Sure, a few angry remarks would have cost him a fine, but at least would have earned him the gratitude of the Cavs’ fans, who will wake Friday morning feeling — and feeling it rightfully, I might add — that they were screwed.

If that had happened to someone on the Lakers, you can bet your bottom dollar Phil Jackson would have spoken frankly about it, then taken his $50,000 fine like a man. ”

Hamilton was asked in the locker room afterward if he had fouled James on the play, and Hamilton couldn’t stifle a cackle before he gave his answer: “Nah, you know. I just put my hands up.”  He cackled at the end of that answer, too.

“The non-call was so egregious, I’d expect Jimmy Clark, Bernie Fryer and Mark Wunderlich to be told by the league office that they can watch the rest of the playoffs from Joey Crawford’s man cave, since they don’t deserve to be working at this stage of the postseason if they’re too scared to call a foul on the biggest play of the game. But I’m not sure whether those three referees will be taking calls from the league office on Friday, since all three must be scheduled for surgery to have the whistles they swallowed removed from their stomachs.”

Published by Luke Ross

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