MPV – Kobe, Duncan, Lebron?

David DuPree, from USA TODAY says the MVP race, according to readers who responded to this week’s USA Today question, is going to be a two-man race between Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs. LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is his pick, however.
According to DuPree, “James is the most dominant perimeter player in the league, able to overpower defenders with his size and strength (6-8, 240 pounds).He added the three-point shot to his offensive game this season,and he is playing much better defense. He can also comfortably play all three perimeter positions. He is the one player in the league who has the ballhandling skills, size, strength, shooting range and offensive moves to do whatever he wants on the court whenever he wants to do it.
Those who pick Duncan point to the fact that he is a proven, selfless winner.”The MVP almost always goes to the best player on the best team,” says Sergio Canales of San Antonio. “If this is so, then Tim Duncan has a lock on his third.”
“”Kobe might score more (because he is the only threat on his team), Shaq may have more highlights, LeBron may get more press, but the champions’ most important player should be deemed MVP. That will be Tim Duncan,” Simmons says. Bryant’s determination and how he has handles adversity impresses John Brown of Westerville, Ohio. “He’s saying the right things, he’s a leader on the floor, he’s scoring, rebounding, passing, getting steals and blocking shots,” Brown says. “Heck, maybe Kobe should get some votes for comeback player of the year as well.”Billy Wilson of Vero Beach, Fla., says there are two simple reasons why Bryant will win the award: “The return of Phil Jackson, and the maturity of Kobe Bryant.”

I agree with DuPree – Lebron James is MVP.

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