Maccabi Elite – Not So

Maccabi Elite is one of the most successful basketball clubs in Israel.  The final score in Tuesday night’s Cavaliers victory certainly did not help to sway those that might not feel it was worth shelling out the price of admission for a Non-NBA team.  The final score was 93-67.  Last year however Maccabi became the first non-American team to beat an NBA team on North American soil, when they beat the Toronto Raptors.

Compared to the other preseason games, winning this game was more important for Brown.  All of his starters played significant minutes.  “A team like that is playing with nothing to lose,” Brown said.  “I’d prefer not to play those type of games at this point in the season.”

On a separate note Drew Gooden scored 21 points and had eight rebounds and Donyell Marshall scored 19 points and had 10 rebounds.

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