Barclays Premier League will see Liverpool host Everton for a big lunchtime clash on Saturday. Liverpool won famously against Everton in the last season (4-0). Will they repeat the same streak this Saturday at Anfield? Probably not. Both the teams have yet to perform to their full potential this season. Liverpool, for instance, have lost two of their five League games. The record of Everton is no good, either. They have won two and lost three of the last five matches played. Combine that weak form with the fact that both teams have quite an impressive attacking potential, and you can be sure this is going to be one thrilling match for both audiences and bookies.

The performance of both the Reds and the Toffees have left us wishing for more. Odds are in favor of a draw or a close win by Liverpool. Manager Brendan Rogers could use the four man defense, preferably diamond, which will help the Reds back their goals. Further, they have their confidence restored after the penalty shootout last week against Middlesbrough. Defense is a problem for both teams, but more so for the Toffees in comparison. Everton will need to play strong at the back and the front as well to drive results in their favor.

Comparison of the 181 games where the two teams have battled head on also show odds in favor of Liverpool. Apart from the 58 matches that ended in a draw, Liverpool have won 71 of the 181 games.

If stats from previous years are anything to go by, expect plenty of goals as the Reds take on the Toffees on their home ground. The Reds have conceded eight goals in their last five games. They put another seven goals in the net of the other team. The Toffees are no less. In their last five games, they’ve put 11 goals in the opponent’s net and 13 in their own targets.

Liverpool already make many shots at the target. Plus, they have the comfort of playing at home this Saturday. Another factor that could work to their favor is the considerably weak form that goalkeeper Tim Howard has been in, so far in this season. On the other hand, the Toffees, who have won nine times in the League Championship, can easily score another one or two goals. Their average this season has been 4.8 goals. Further, the record for the highest number of goals by any club in the Premier League rests with them.

In all of their last seven League matches, they’ve have made upwards from one goal. The same performance in one match more, and they’ll have a new Premier League record for their club. Isn’t it more than likely then that the Toffees will give all they’ve got in attacking and conceding goals at Anfield this Saturday? This brings us back to the probability of a draw or a Liverpool win by a very close margin. A safe bet would therefore be the waging on both Reds and the Toffees to score.

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