Aston Villa steps into a match after three defeats, where it went up against the big players of the Premier league; a 3-0 defeat to Chelsea and Arsenal each, and a 2-0 defeat to Manchester City. While these were no doubt tough matches to win, Villa finds itself in a comfortable position at the center of the score table with a modest ten points. Everton, on the other hand, comes into the match boasting of just one win, 2-0 at Wet Brom. The team is at the bottom end of the score table.

Of the past seven head-to-head matches between the teams, Everton has drawn three and won four of them, with both sides scoring in six of these matches. Last season, Everton grabbed a 2-1 win in Goodison Park, which broke the home team’s poor run. Before the match, Everton had lost against Aston Villa in 7 League matches, which include 4 draws.

The start of the Premier League has been a disappointing one for Everton, although the team is not ready to give up as yet. The side sits at the 17th spot in the League rankings table, a meager two points away from Queens Park Rangers who are at the bottom. Everton has lost five matches on a row, ever since its consecutive wins against Wolfsburg and West Brom. Its most recent loss was to Crystal Palace, as the score board read 2-3 at finish. Ross Barkley, Kevin Miralles and John Stones may miss the next game, although Bryan Oviedo, James McCarthy and Seamus Coleman will be present.

Everton’s has not been in the best of forms when it has locked horns with Aston Villa in the recent few seasons. However, it managed to grab hold of three points last season. There’s a good likeliness that Aston Villa proves to be difficult for Everton, especially with the pace that they maintain in the forward areas. However, we won’t know until Saturday, October 18, if Everton will manage to make a comeback, and win the Goodison Park League match, against Aston Villa, a first since 2004.

While Villa started out strong with a win against Liverpool, the recent few weeks have not been as kind on them, and has made the team drop to the 10th position. They have registered the lowest number of shots, fewest wins over tackles and lowest possession shares in the Premier League. Even among the four goals that have been scored, two weren’t from assists. While the forward players have an impressive speed, they do not have the same level of tactics or composure.

The lack of goals and sufficient defense to opposition goals has been a highlight of a majority of their games. However, the past few matches where Villa played against the big guns – Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea, have seasoned the team for the upcoming Premier League matches, as they’ve gained a better insight on their weaknesses.

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