James Working Extra Hard for Tonight’s Rematch Against The Spurs

After his season high 51 points on Tuesday against the Grizzlies, Lebron wants to make sure his jump shot is as good as it has ever been this season.

Lebron spent Wednesday afteroon after the team practice session at the Antioch Sports Complex working on his jump shot.

In the Finals last season, the Spurs dared Lebron to shoot the ball from the perimeter. He made only 32 of 90 shots (35 percent) and averaged 22 points for the four games. He shot 47.6 percent and averaged 27.3 points during the regular season.

“The Spurs did a great job of loading and building a crowd behind Bruce Bowen as he contained me,” James said Wednesday as he cooled off after his extra work.

Lebron James was so intent on improving his shooting stroke last summer. The Cavaliers player development coach Chris Jent traveled with James everywhere to workout with James on his shot.

Tonight’s game will be at 8pm EST on TNT.

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