James to stop free agent talk

All the free agent talk is getting old and Lebron is getting tired of it. Today Lebron cut off interviews after being hit with questions about free agency and possibly teaming up with Dwyane Wade.

“This free agent talk is getting old. It’s getting old and I think I’m going to stop. Tonight will be the last time I answer any more free-agent questions until the offseason,” James said.

“I think I owe it to myself, and I owe it to my teammates. It’s just getting old. I’m focusing on this season, and this is going to be a really good season for us. I don’t want anymore distractions for my teammates, for my organization, for my family. This will be the last time I answer a free-agent question for the rest of the year.”

Dwyane Wade discussed the idea of the two playing with the same team.

“It’s a long shot, no question about it, it’s a long shot,” Wade told reporters in Miami. “I mean, I’m in Miami, he’s in Cleveland. He’s been put in a position in Cleveland where he has the opportunity to compete for a championship now.

“And I’m in Miami, where I’ve won a championship and this is where I love to be. So it’s not like we’re both looking over our shoulders, saying, ‘I want to get out of here.’ It’s a long shot, but, at the end of the day, it is a shot.”

Published by Luke Ross

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