Fred McLeod with a Mohawk?

Are Mohawk’s a fashion statement, someone screaming for attention or simply a way to say I am different.  Well apparently Damon Jones got his because he wanted to stick out from the crowd.
Damon Jones is never embarrassed.   The Cleveland Cavalier got his mohawk in January to stick out from the crowd.
“I get a lot of attention from it,” he said. “I never envisioned that it would be this big — I’m impressed that a lot of kids are now adopting the mohawk.
“My teammates have been on my behind to cut it off,” Jones said. “I think some of the guys are just envious; you have to be handsome to pull off a mohawk.”  Of course Damon has shaved it off.  Even Cleveland Cavaliers announcer Fred McLeod has accepted a dare by team owner Dan Gilbert to get a mohawk if the Cavs win it all this year.  Now that is something I would like to see.  Fred McLeod with a mohawk?  Yikes!

Source:  StarTribune.Com

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