Z Still Can’t enough Z’s

According to Brian Windhorst, Akron Beacon Journal Sports Writer, one key issue for the Cavaliers center is regular sleep.

The season has started again, and so have Ilgauskas’ bouts of insomnia. It was a problem that first cropped up at the start of last season and something he might have to deal with in spurts for the rest of his playing career.

He has it under control and treats it with medication when needed, but there are still rough patches.

“I slept just fine in the offseason,” he said. “I guess it is just the traveling during the season that gets me.”

It started last season, when the Cavs had a harsh road trip to start the year, a double-overtime home game followed by a three-hour flight to Miami that didn’t get the Cavs to their hotel until after 3 a.m.

The night after the Miami game, he wasn’t able to fall asleep at all. Then the team had a practice and another three-hour flight to Milwaukee. He scored just nine points against the Bucks.

He eventually overcame it, going on to appear in his second All-Star Game.

“It is one of those things I have to deal with,” Ilgauskas said. “The pills work when I have a problem.”

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