Trade Deadline approaches

Jason Kline from The News Journal reminds us that Cavs fans who don’t think LeBron’s supporting cast is up to snuff should know what Ferry is quietly counting on.  At this time next year, there aren’t many teams who will have more to offer than the Cavs. The contracts of Eric Snow ($7.3 million), Gooden ($7.1 million), Donyell Marshall ($6 million), Jones ($4.5 million) and Cedric Simmons ($1.75 million). And if recent history has taught us anything, it’s that better than $20 million in expiring contracts, a couple first-round picks and a decent young player or two can buy a whole lotta superstar.

Who might be available next year? If Milwaukee is floundering, they’ll have to consider shopping Michael Redd. The first-team all-NBA chucker is stunting the growth of two talented young big men in Andrew Bogut and Yi Jianlian and, when he’s your best player, you’re in trouble anyway. Chicago is in store for a face lift and might give up one of their good young players (Kirk Hinrich, Luol Deng or Ben Gordon) to a team willing to take on Ben Wallace’s bloated deal.  The possibilities are almost endless. Who would have guessed the quality of players on the move this year? Things fall apart quickly in the NBA. Next year, the Cavs will be first in line to take advantage.

DROPPING NAMES: While the Cavs don’t have the goods to bring in a superstar, Ferry has been kicking the tires on some pretty attractive players. With so man of the teams’ formerly ill-fitting parts starting to gel — Hughes, Jones, Marshall and heck, even Ira Newble have been productive the last few weeks — a trade around the roster’s fringes isn’t likely. That being said, here are a few possibilities:

Orlando’s Carlos Arroyo is in the last year of his contract and the team’s third point guard behind Keyon Dooling and Jameer Nelson. Teammate J.J. Redick, a favorite of fellow Duke product Ferry, has made noise about wanting out because he can’t crack the Magic rotation. He probably can’t crack the Cavs’ lineup, either. Think Luke Jackson without the athleticism or size. Ouch. The only upside he offers is the possibility he’d leave an instructional shooting DVD in Hughes’ locker.

Because Wally Szczerbiak played at Miami of Ohio and the Cavs play at Quicken Loans Arena of Ohio, Wally would be a fan favorite. But it’s hard to see how he’d fit beside LeBron and that’s not taking into consideration his declining play and hefty price tag (he’s owed $13 million in 2008-09). The Sonics haven’t been able to give him away for good reason.

Golden State’s Mickael Pietrus is an intriguing player who is headed to free agency this summer and has been trying to get out of Golden State for years now. Pietrus has the makeup of a defensive stopper but his game has developed beyond that.

Here’s a couple more point guards who have been on the Cavaliers’ radar for more than a year: Portland’s Jarrett Jack and Memphis’ Kyle Lowry. Problem is, neither can shoot a lick. Both are losing out in a numbers game — Portland also has Steve Blake and Sergio Rodriguez; Memphis Mike Conley, Javaris Crittenton and Juan Carlos Navarro — and the Cavs actually have the expiring contracts to land them.

The Grizzlies’ Mike Miller is reportedly on the block and he’s a real value at about $9 million a year for two seasons beyond this one. If he’s moved this week, it’ll be to a team with something better to offer than a package built around Newble’s expiring deal and other cap fodder.

The Cavs might take a flyer on little-used Houston swingman Kirk Snyder. He probably could be had for last year’s disappoint first-round pick, Shannon Brown, but isn’t much better. Devin Brown is better than both of them, which would make such a sideways move irrelevant.

Source: The News Journal

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