Time for media to write about the Finals rather than Lebron

The national media and the NBA need to realize that the Cavaliers are DONE and maybe they will be better off writing about the NBA Finals between the Lakers and CavaliersMagic instead.  Or maybe that is not as interesting anymore since the MVP and the face of the NBA is not going to make the Finals appearance. Afterall, they were all ready for a Kobe/Lebron match up but the disappointment triggered all the national media to talk about Lebron walking off the court in Orlando without shaking hands with Magic players, and for not addressing the media following the game.

Many columnists are calling Lebron a sore loser. Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo sports called him “immature, self-absorbed brat”

TNT analyst, David Aldridge says in his article “you got dressed, and walked out without speaking to anyone other than your teammates. Not to the Nike reps that were, reportedly, waiting to see you (they’ll understand), to the Magic players in their locker room (not cool, again) or to the media that was waiting for you.

On that last one, I know: who cares? Well, a lot of people. You may think what we do doesn’t matter,”

Well David, he just gave you tons of stuff to write about. I am sure web traffic is at all time high to read of what Lebron did and what he might do with his future with the Cavaliers. ESPN.com had Lebron on their NBA home page all day yesterday.

The Finals will start in two days and until now, all you read about is Lebron’s poor sportsmanship or his future with the Cavaliers.

If Lebron and the Cavaliers won the championship, do you think the media will stop talking about Lebron leaving Cleveland? The media had two sets of articles ready;  “Cavaliers lost, will Lebron leave?” Or “Lebron gives Cleveland their first Championship, now it’s time to join the Knicks

If these columnist are so unhappy with Lebron, then maybe they should stop recruiting him to join their Knicks, Nets, Bulls,…

I am very sure Magic and Lakers fans are eager to read about Kobe and Howard.

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Luke Ross, is the founder of CavsNews.com. Luke grew up watching and playing soccer but his heart was always in Basketball. Luke arrived in Cleveland in 1993 and turned into a Cavaliers fan since.

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