The Cavaliers are feeling good, Lebron is back

After two days of contact, Lebron James said the finger is feeling good and he sounded confident about playing against the Pacers.

“I’ve been through two contact practices OK. We’ll see what happens.”

“It’s better than it was a week and half ago,” James said. “The pain is going away little by little. It’s not 100 percent at all right now and it probably won’t be until the offseason, and I don’t have an offseason until 2009.”

Lebron said the team didn’t do a good job defensively while he was out which cost the team 6 games.

“Offensively not as much, but defensively we struggled,” he said. “You have mental lapses offensively, but you can’t have those defensively no matter who is playing. We had a couple games where we just didn’t give effort.”

Cavaliers fans might get to welcome Anderson Varejao tomorrow. Fans have mixed feeling about him after the statement he made last week about not wanting to play for Cleveland anymore. It will be interesting to see the fans reaction if he end up playing tomorrow.

Daniel Gibson is doubtful tomorrow because of wisdom tooth.

Published by Luke Ross

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