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Minor wrist injury sidlines Anderson Varejao

Anderson Varejao is being treated for a swollen and stiff wrist. He received therapy before Sunday’s game against the Spurs but it didn’t improve.
X-rays taken at the arena showed no break and there’s a chance he’ll have an MRI today. The team believes it is not serious. Varejao said he could play if it was a playoff game

He is currently considered day-to-day.

Ben Wallace–who is still on the inactive list–warmed up on the court prior to the game. He wore a black protective covering on his lower right leg and noticeably favored that leg as he shot from various midrange areas, including the free throw line. He jogged through some basic sets with an assistant coach, setting screens and then popping out to shoot jumpers. He tended to shoot well on his first few attempts but then miss wildly the longer he shot from the same spot. For instance, he hit seven of his first nine attempts from the right baseline but ended up making 11 out of 20 from that area. He shot 10-17 on midrange jumpers from the left baseline. Wallace shoots a better percentage on practice jumpers then you might expect from watching him shoot during games but it is important to keep in mind that great NBA shooters typically shoot 80% or better on uncontested practice shots from midrange areas, so making more than half of those shots is not a tremendous percentage, even if the casual fan might be surprised that Wallace can do that in light of his dismal free throw percentage.
The Cavaliers waived guard Eric Snow on Sunday. The biggest impact it will have is it will reduce their luxury-tax hit to about $13.6 million after this season.

The Cavs didn’t apply for an injured player exception. They applied for long-term disability salary cap relief. They are in the final stages of that process and expect to hear a formal answer from the NBA in the next week.

When that occurs, the Cavs will deduct Snow’s $7 million contract from their tax bill.

Cavaliers Sluggish on Defense

Boston’s Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo, left, pressure Cleveland’s LeBron James in the first half.
Boston’s Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo, left, pressure Cleveland’s LeBron James in the first half.

If you play for Mike Brown then you better play defense or you will be sitting next to him on the bench. After the Cavaliers lost to the Celtics (96-94) in Friday’s game in Rhode Island, Mike Brown held a special practice today to remind his players about the team’s principles.

“We have to get our principles ingrained and that may take some time,” Brown said. “It’s my job to continue to push. It may get to the point where they get irritated with me and it’s going to be a tug-of-war.”

Eric Snow reached a deal with the team to become an analyst for NBA TV. He is still with the roster but the team has filed a disability claim in hopes of getting his $7.3 million salary removed from their books.

After missing two seasons for micro-fracture surgery, former Cavaliers Darius Miles signed as a free agent with the Boston Celtics last August. River doesn’t know what to expect of him but he didn’t like what he saw from him last night. That’s why he only played 3 minutes.

If Miles makes the Celtics, he’ll have to serve a 10-game suspension for taking an appetite suppressant in violation of the league’s anti-drug policy.

“I wasn’t taking diet pills,” Miles said. “I don’t know how they got in my system or anything like that.”

Sasha Pavlovic Ready to Play

One in and one is out. Yesterday the Cavaliers shut down Eric Snow to let him rehab his left knee which he repaired in October. Eric Snow never been a factor this season and he has taken a player/coach role.

On the bright side, Pavlovic is cleared to play tonight against the Nets. Sasha was sidelined January 23rd for a midfoot sprain. He was cleared for full contact over the weekend after missing 23 games because of the injury.

He is not 100% yet and it’s not clear if he is going to start tonight in place of Devin Brown.

“It hurts a little bit when I go right because I am squeezing that part I hurt, but they told me it is going to be like that for a couple more weeks,” said Pavlovic, who has missed 23 games with the injury. ”I have to play with the pain, but I feel very good.”

Ben Wallace said his back is still bothering him. “I’m going to keep working at it and trying to get it to calm down so I can get back,” Wallace said. “I’m going to try to get out there and see what it feels like. If it doesn’t feel right, I’ll probably sit out”

Joe Smith might start in place of Ben Wallace.