Qualifying offers made to West/Gibson

Mary Schmitt Boyer from the Plain Dealer brings us up to date.

The Cavaliers have made qualifying offers to Daniel Gibson for $972,581 and Delonte West for $2.76 million, meaning they will become restricted free agents on July 1, and the Cavs will have the right to match any offers they receive from other teams. The team has until June 30 to make a qualifying offer to Dwayne Jones.

The Cavs are exploring ways to move up in the draft and/or obtain a second-round pick, and they’re not alone in looking for a deal. Several teams have made it known they’d be willing to trade their picks, including Charlotte at No. 9, New Jersey at Nos. 10 and 21 and Portland at No. 13.

The Chagrin Valley Times reports Eric Snow sold his home in Moreland Hills for $1.35 million.

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