Houston expected to sign with Knicks

CavsNews reported back on August 9th that Allan Houston was thinking about a comeback and that Cleveland was one of his possible choices.  Well unfortunately Allan Houston signed a contract this afternoon to rejoin the Knicks.

The 36-year-old former All-Star was forced to retire prior to the 2005-06 season after battling chronic knee issues. He’s been working out with a comeback in mind all summer and was also considering invites to join the Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Houston is not getting a guaranteed contract from the Knicks. He will have to earn a spot on a crowded roster in the final weeks of training camp.

Source:  MyNews

Cavs Lost Preseason Opener

The Cavs were outscored by 15 in the second quarter and couldn’t recover in Tuesday’s 81-62 loss to the Wizards. Daniel Gibson who started at point guard scored 13 points on 7 of 12 shooting, 2 of 3 from the three point land. Lebron James played only 15 minutes and scored 3 points on 1 of 5 shooting.

Before the game, James, who caused a stir last week when he showed up at an Indians playoff game wearing a New York Yankees cap, predicted Cleveland would win the ALCS against the Boston Red Sox.

“I think Cleveland is going to win,” he said. “Like I’ve said before, if there was going to be a team who beat the Yankees, I wanted it to be the Indians. I think Cleveland will do the same thing it did in New York.”

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Lebron needs help

Chances are you remember how LeBron James cemented his legacy as a superstar on the night of May 31, 2007. Whether you were watching live on TV, listening on the radio, eating breakfast the next morning while watching “SportsCenter,” or were one of the lucky ones to witness it live, you’ll never forget it  Click HERE to continue reading.

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Lebron Supporting the Yankees, How low is that?

Lebron showed up yesterday at Jacobs Field wearing Yankees cap and raising it in front of a camera during an interview with TBS.We all know Lebron James is longtime Yankees fan, but that has upset a lot of people here in Cleveland. On top of that, Lebron showed up yesterday at Jacobs Field wearing Yankees cap and raising it in front of a camera during an interview with TBS.

“It’s like Indians ace C.C. Sabathia walking out there with a Pistons hat,” said Kevin Lowrie, 48, of Mentor. “Yeah, it’s who he roots for, but does he have to brag about it like that? It’s wrong.”

“I think he should be traded for that,” said 30-year-old Joe Dickinson, with a laugh. “Cheer in secret.”

Even New York fans thought it was odd for the longtime Yankees fan to flaunt his team’s colors in the town that idolizes him.

“I can’t understand it,” said Rob Fath, 19, of Yonkers, N.Y. “It’s really pretty low of LeBron, to be honest. Why would he do that to his city?”
But there is another side of this story, some fans just don’t care.

“Who cares? I love LeBron. How can you not?” said 27-year-old Jason Maxey. “He can wear a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey for all I care. It has nothing to do with basketball.”

“He can do whatever he wants. When he was young, the Tribe was bad, so what are you going to do?” said Derek Yurtz, 33, of Medina. “Whatever makes him happy. If rooting for the Yankees helps him shoot threes, he could vote for Satan.”

So what do you think? Did this change your view of Lebron? You can comment on this here.

Hughes Excited About Playing

As results of leg, fingers injuries that plagued Hughes for the last two seasons, for the first time Larry Hughes is 100 percent healthy.

“Larry has been looking good,” LeBron James said. ”His finger’s not bothering him, his foot’s not bothering him, mentally he is focused.”

Coach Mike Brown is also making changes to the offense in an effort to get more movement and “attempting to add facets to the offense that are more like the system in which Hughes thrived when he was with the Washington Wizards.” Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon Journal said.

“At this point, the new offense has a healthy Hughes excited about playing, and he’s showing it.”

Source: The Akron Beacon Journal

ESPN gets ride with Gooden

Jemele Hill from ESPN.COM conducted a interview with Drew Gooden.  Per Jemele the Cleveland Cavaliers forward is definitely a trendsetter, in language — and in hair. You probably remember the strange patch of hair Gooden grew on the back of his neck last season, which he kept through Cleveland’s run to the NBA Finals. The ducktail was the talk of the NBA.
Sadly, Gooden eliminated the tail over the summer, for reasons he explains below in Page 2’s latest edition of “Riding With…” — our occasional series where we interview sports figures in their really cool cars. And let’s just say, Gooden and his hair had quite a standoff.  For the interview please click HERE

Shannon Brown Got a Beating at Cleveland Bar

According to 19 Action News Shannon Brown was involved in a night club beating by a bouncer at Club Liquid over the weekend in downtown Cleveland.

“The issue was apparently Brown’s hat, which was not up to par with the dress code. Several of Brown’s teammates, including Larry Hughes, are reported to have witnessed the event, which saw Brown being kneed in the neck outside the club Saturday evening.

Shannon Brown was treated at the Cleveland Clinic for abrasions and bruising on his face, which he hid from reporters over the weekend.”

Source: Clevelandleader