Allan Houston Considering a Come Back, Possibly Cleveland!

Allan Houston is looking to return to the NBA, ESPN reports. Cleveland was one of the teams mentioned along with Dallas.

Houston is 36 and was forced into retirement in October 2005 after an arthritic left knee limited him to just 70 games over the previous two seasons.

Houston said he has been working out hard for more than a month and that his knee feels great.

“It’s something I’d like to do,” Houston said in a telephone interview Thursday morning. “It’s just a matter of getting myself back in game shape and getting used to playing again.”

In 2002-2003, his last full season, he led the Knicks and finished 10th in the NBA with a career-high 22.5 point scoring average but don’t expect the same kind of production if he’s back.

“I’m looking to play a supporting role to some of these great young stars,” Houston said. “More of a leadership role, someone who can add experience and stability late in games. I don’t expect my scoring and my minutes to be what they used to, but at the same time, I’m not looking to just be a decoy out there. I’d like to have some kind of role.”

Reggie Miller Contemplating A Return To The NBA

Danny Ainge and coach Doc Rivers had discussions with Reggie Miller about joining the Celtics, reports.

“I have contacted Reggie and he is contemplating a comeback with us,” Ainge told The Associated Press through a team spokesman.

Miller, who turns 42 on Aug. 24, played his entire 18-year career with the Indiana Pacers before retiring in 2005. Since his playing days ended he has worked as a television analyst for TNT.

“I’m always flattered when my name is mentioned as someone who can still help an NBA team win a championship,” Miller said Wednesday in a statement relayed to The Associated Press by the TNT network. “I’ve had limited discussions with Celtics management about their roster and a potential role for me. At this time, I’m enjoying my role as an analyst with TNT.”

Miller said he is calling friends and peers, seeking their advice and listening to their feedback before he makes his decision.

Gibson, Football and Practice

Boobie’s first love was football.  “I used to play football he said, but when I was younger, I got hit one time and it was cold outside and I came over to the bench and I stopped playing that day.  I started playing basketball and it just kind of took off from there.”

Unlike fellow point guard Allen Iverson, practice is what Gibson says makes him what he is today.  “We shoot about 1,000 three-pointers a day.  Hard work is what has made him what he is today.  Gibson also enjoys playing for the Cavaliers.  “It’s like paradise,” he said. 


Scott Pollard Signed a Deal With The Celtics

 Scott Pollard agreed to a one year deal with the Boston Celtics yesterday believed to be worth the veteran minimum $1.2 million.

Pollard signed a one year deal with Cleveland a year ago for about $2 million, Pollard played 24 games with the Cavaliers, averaging 1 point and 1.3 rebounds in 4.5 minutes per game. He has career averages of 4.5 points and 4.8 rebounds.

Cavaliers in the Top 10

Competition is stronger than ever when it comes to the almighty entertainment dollar, making a powerful brand a top priority for many professional sports teams.

The Yankees have set themselves apart with over 1.2 billion in worth by establishing their own cable TV network.  Yes market size does play a role in the value of a team and few teams can hope to match the Yankees brand.

In basketball, the Cleveland Cavaliers, were at the bottom of the barrel until they drafted LeBron James out of high school.  Lebron led the team to the NBA finals this season and Cavs tickets are now in big demand.  The positive impact of LeBron on the Cavs’ brand has helped the team to crack the top 10 among basketball franchise with a value of $380 million.

Source:  Forbes

Parker hurts Ankle

Tony Parker sprained his left ankle during practice with the French national team last week.  Parker is expected to return to the United States to be examined and to begin a rehabilitation program.  Parker is expected to return to the French national team when he gets medial clearance.  Last August, Parker broke his right index finger while playing in France in preparation for the world championship.

Source:  Kristv.Com

Usher and Tameka Have Tied The Knot

Usher and his fiancée, Tameka FosterUsher and Tameka Foster have tied the knot in Atlanta last Friday and a small, private ceremony that was held in the office of Usher’s lawyer

“I exchanged vows with Tameka Foster in Atlanta on Friday and we are happily married,” Usher tells in a story posted Monday.

Usher and Foster called off their July 28 wedding amid reports that Foster had checked into a hospital because of problems with her pregnancy.

He told Us Weekly last week: “Everybody’s fine. Tameka and the baby are fine.”

The couple announced their engagement earlier this year, and later, that Foster was expecting Usher’s first child.  She has three other children from a previous marriage.

Source: Entertainment

Stubhub and MLB

Stubhub and Major Leage Baseball will join forces.  Stubhub is going to be baseball’s official online ticket reseller starting next season.  Franchises will continue to use such companies as Ticketmaster to sell tickets online.  However only Stubhub will be allowed to operate an online ticket resale window on any MLB-operated website.

League officials don’t believe that the Stubhub deal would violate terms of baseball’s existing arrangement with Ticketmaster.  Earlier this month, Ticketmaster sued the Cleveland Cavaliers for allegedly disregarding an agreement that gave the company exclusive rights to all ticketing for the NBA team.  The Cavaliers have turned to Flash Seats for their reseller needs.

Source: LA Times