Allan Houston Considering a Come Back, Possibly Cleveland!

Allan Houston is looking to return to the NBA, ESPN reports. Cleveland was one of the teams mentioned along with Dallas.

Houston is 36 and was forced into retirement in October 2005 after an arthritic left knee limited him to just 70 games over the previous two seasons.

Houston said he has been working out hard for more than a month and that his knee feels great.

“It’s something I’d like to do,” Houston said in a telephone interview Thursday morning. “It’s just a matter of getting myself back in game shape and getting used to playing again.”

In 2002-2003, his last full season, he led the Knicks and finished 10th in the NBA with a career-high 22.5 point scoring average but don’t expect the same kind of production if he’s back.

“I’m looking to play a supporting role to some of these great young stars,” Houston said. “More of a leadership role, someone who can add experience and stability late in games. I don’t expect my scoring and my minutes to be what they used to, but at the same time, I’m not looking to just be a decoy out there. I’d like to have some kind of role.”

Published by Luke Ross

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