Nets Rethink Their Strategy

After their 102-92 loss in Game 2 on Tuesday night, the Nets have two days to practice — they were given yesterday off. That should give Frank enough time to come up with some schemes to improve their rebounding.

Cleveland is outrebounding them 39-12 on the offensive side and is plus-31 in total rebounds. Cleveland leads 37-19 in second-chance points. The Nets have turned the ball over 32 times.

The Nets gave the Cavaliers 30 extra possessions over the first two games of the series. But maybe their worst offense is in the endgame. The Nets shot just 31.6 percent in the fourth quarter of Game 1 and went 1-for-7 over the final 6:12 of Game 2.

“We’re disappointed in the way we lost. And you should be. Cleveland has beaten us and put together a very impressive streak over the last month and we know we’re going to have to play a significantly better game to get back in the series.” Lawrence Frank said.
Lawrence said that he might change his lineup according to Windhorst. There’s a chance Jason Collins, who has just five rebounds in 59 minutes in the two games, might see less time. Also, Mikki Moore has just six rebounds in 77 minutes.

“I think you have to evaluate everything,” Frank said. “You have to have an open mind and see if it’s a different player, different scheme. You have to consider all the options. If we can’t do it better or harder, do we need to do something different? Do we need to play somebody different.”

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