NBA Experts: Spurs Will Win It!

No one expects the Cavaliers to win this series, except for Cavaliers fans(most of them) and Dick Vital.

ESPN’s Dick Vitale picked them to win in seven games. That would shock the NBA. You are talking about the Cavaliers winning on Spurs’ home court.

“ had four “experts” view the series” Terry Pluto in the Akron Beacon Journal said. :the Cavs went 0-for-4. The kindest prediction was losing in seven games by former Beacon Journal Cavs beat writer Chris Broussard”

But if you have followed the Cavaliers, then you know James believes he’ll win every game he plays.

“People underestimate his competitiveness,” said Keith Dambrot, the coach at the University of Akron. He coached James during LeBron’s first two years at St. V-M.

“I remember LeBron in a game we lost in the last seconds to Oak Hill when he was a sophomore,” Dambrot said. “We had no business even being on the floor with those guys. Our team was so young (mostly sophomores), but LeBron just carried us. And then he takes a defeat and moves on. He really bounces back.”

That’s why fans misunderstood James’ meaning when he said, “I’m OK with the loss,” after the Cavs were defeated in Game 1 at Detroit. He saw the effort. He saw how close the Cavs were to winning, and he believed they could rally in the next game.

 Source: Akron Beacon Journal

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