Letter from Danny Ferry

To celebrate the Cavaliers playoff birth, Danny Ferry sent a letter to all the Cavaliers fans. If you are not a Cavaliers insider and didn’t receive the letter then here it is:

“Dear Cavaliers Partner,

I thought now would be a great time to share some thoughts with you about the Cavaliers and the position we are in. Clinching a playoff birth is certainly a step we can all be happy in taking. While it is an important, positive step forward, it is only the first step and one which we expect to take many times again. More appropriately, it should serve as a reminder of where we ultimately are headed. We can’t and won’t be satisfied with simply making the playoffs. Our goals and your expectations are, and should be, much higher.

Dan Gilbert and our ownership team are committed to developing a championship-caliber culture with the Cavaliers franchise. Hopefully, you can sense this by now. Dan has been completely supportive in all the right ways. Investments in our players, investments in our facilities and investments in the community with new jobs. Most importantly though, Dan is passionate about winning championships. Our goal will be nothing short of that.

The foundation has been set this season. LeBron continues to improve and has elevated his game to an MVP level. Zydrunas continues to be one of the premier centers in the league. Larry is just starting what we think will be a long, successful career at the core or our championship aspirations. We have grown as a team and continue to develop on the court and off. From Dan Gilbert to myself and our basketball front office to Mike Brown and our coaching staff to our veteran players to our younger guys, we believe we are well positioned for the future.

I believe it is also important to note what LeBron is doing for OUR team and for his hometown fans and community. This is what helps punctuate the position we are now in. Dating back to his high school years and then the 2003 NBA Draft Lottery, LeBron has raised the spirit of this community in ways that are remarkable. Yes, he is a game changer on the court every night, but he has proven himself to be an all-star off the court as well with numerous points of giving in our community. LeBron is not just playing a big role in changing the way people think about the Cavaliers. He is changing the way people think about Cleveland and all of northeast Ohio in a way that no one else can.

There continues to be a lot of hard work ahead of us, but we believe we’re entering an era where it is truly possible to dream big. This year’s team and those to follow are going to need your energy in the arena every night to help make the championship a reality. It does make a difference. We’ll do everything we can to do our part.

Thanks for your continued support of OUR team.

Most sincerely,

Danny Ferry
General Manager
Cleveland Cavaliers”

Published by Luke Ross

Luke Ross, is the founder of CavsNews.com. Luke grew up watching and playing soccer but his heart was always in Basketball. Luke arrived in Cleveland in 1993 and turned into a Cavaliers fan since.