Lebron James Shooting The Lights Out

Lebron James is shooting 79% on 47 for 59 from the field. 14 of his 20 three-pointers found their way to the basket, that is 70% from the 3-point land.

Last night when Team USA played Uruguay, he shot 11 for 11 and made all of his four three pointers. That is all in 14 minutes of play time. All starters rested the entire second half. You can watch Lebron’s perfect game here.

David Trope said Lebron is more focused on balance and follow through. Also, he suggests that he is “facing players who are not used to dealing with him. He’s just so overpowering. With his speed, size, skill level … for the players he’s playing against, it has to be very very very difficult for those guys to imagine what it’s like to play against him. There’s no way to prepare.” he said in his interview with TrueHoop.com.

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