LeBron James’ company adds linebacker, Mike Flynt to client list

Mike Flynt, the 59-year-old grandfather who just finished his long-delayed senior season of college football, is the newest client of LeBron James’ LRMR Innovative Marketing & Branding company.

James was very impressed and inspired by Flynt’s determination. “He didn’t allow anyone to take away the dream he had, no matter how old he was or what he went through,” the Cavaliers’ megastar said. “A man that can go back and play college football after 37 years, that’s a great story. He never gave up on his dream.””I’m so excited about being involved with these young guys,” Flynt said. “It’s like being with the teammates I just left. They’re athletic, high-energy, intelligent and innovative.”

Source: ESPN.com

Published by Luke Ross

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