Jones, Newble refuse to play

Branson Wright  of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes “Coach Mike Brown asked Damon Jones and Ira Newble to go into the game with less than a minute left and with the Cavs holding a commanding lead against the Miami Heat.  It was mop-up time.  Veteran Eric Snow went in instead.  Newble told Brown he was not ready to go in because he was not loose.  “Regardless on how much time is on the clock, I’m going 100 percent on every time I step on the court,” Newble said.  “Not being loose enough, you could possible pull something.”

It is not clear why Jones refused, but maybe because his overall playing time has been reduced for the past two seasons and probably because he asked the Cavs for a trade in the off-season and they have not accommodated his request.  The Cavs fined Jones an undisclosed amount.  It is not known in Newble was fined.

Source:  Plain Dealer

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