Is LeBron James MVP?

Chris Broussard is on record for saying that LeBron James is the best player in the NBA.  But does he think that LeBron is the MVP?

According to Broussard, “If the award were to go strictly to the most outstanding individual, he’s your man.  But with the Cavs on pace to win just 46 games in the woeful East, it’s hard to give him the award.  In the last 25 years – since Moses Malone won the award with the 46-36 Rockets in 1982 – no one has been named MVP when his team won fewer than 50 games.  Couple that with the fact that the Cavs aren’t going to win 50 despite playing in the wretched Eastern Conference and it’s hard to give LeBron the trophy.”

Broussard goes on to discuss other MVP candidates including Kobe, Chris Paul, Tyson Chandler and David West.  And even Tracy McGrady.  Well, except for Kobe I don’t think any of these other players can be mentioned along side LeBron.  Even though he continues to score 30+ points per game, the last few games LeBron’s game does seem a little off.  Maybe it is the realization that they aren’t going to catch the 3rd seed and the focus is more on trying to gel as a team.  Maybe he is getting tired from playing as many minutes (40.7 MPG) as he has played this season.  Or maybe he is just tired from having to lead his team to 38 wins this season.  Regardless, LeBron James is MVP in my view.

Published by GFO

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