Gilbert saves the 76ers!

“Gilbert’s willingness to take on contracts also played into the Nailon deal.” Brian Windhorst from the ABJ reported. “The trade was made to save the 76ers luxury-tax money. The Cavs will take on the rest of Nailon’s $800,000 contract and for their trouble get Philadelphia’s 2006 second-round draft pick.
The Cavs gave the 76ers their 2006 second-round draft pick in the deal but it is highly conditional, and there’s a good chance they won’t give it up. Only if the Cavs’ pick is in the last five spots in the second round will they have to give it up.

Nailon, who played 22 games with the Cavs in 2004, was arrested a month ago and charged with simple assault and harassment after an incident with his wife. He has not been with the Sixers since the arrest.
The Sixers will continue to pay his salary but not be on the hook for it when the luxury-tax”

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