Eric Snow is making an impact

Duane Rankin from GoErie.Com  likes where Eric Snow is going.  Eric Snow continues to make contributions.  With his playing days winding down, he’s comfortable saying a goal of his is to become an NBA head coach.

Snow sat in a coaches’ meeting when the Cavaliers began preparing for this year’s playoffs and suggested a play Cleveland hadn’t used in at least two years.

Brown used it in Game 1 of Cleveland’s first-round playoff series against the Wizards and it worked, particularly in the closing minutes, to help the Cavaliers prevail.

In the same game, Snow calmed down a heated Zydrunas Ilgauskas after Brown took Ilgauskas out of the game in the first quarter.

In those two instances, Snow showed why Brown thinks he’s a future NBA head coach.

“A guy like Eric, hey, African-American, white, it doesn’t matter,” Brown said. “He is a knowledgeable individual and he’s a natural-born leader. He’d get his shot, no matter what. He’s going to do very well once he gets his shot.”

So don’t be surprised if five years from now, some team president will open a press conference by saying, “I’d like to introduce to you our new head coach, Eric Snow.”

The NBA will give him a chance.

Source:  GoErie.Com

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