Clevelanders Look Stupid Booing James

Mark Barnes from Sports Central has plenty to say about the Cleveland fans. I’ve always had a problem with stupid people. Ignorance is acceptable, because it can be cured with knowledge. There is, though, no excuse for stupidity. The Cleveland Cavaliers fans who booed LeBron James last week, when he went 0-8 from the field in the second half of a game and 8-19 from the free throw line, demonstrated historic stupidity.

What is it with you boobirds, anyway? You go to a sporting event to watch your favorite team and your favorite players, and the second a player makes a mistake, you start booing. Have you ever even considered how stupid you sound when you boo? It’s like someone with a speech impediment, attempting to impersonate a cow.

But I digress … back to the numbskulls from Cleveland. Of course, these people have never been known for their intelligence, but let’s take a careful examination of just how truly stupid they are. As previously stated, booing athletes in and of itself is a ridiculous act, but booing LeBron James because he misses a few shots in one game is tantamount to cursing a nude Halle Berry because she flubbed a line during a love scene. It just makes no sense.

Since these brainless fans obviously don’t understand much of anything, let me make a couple of things very clear. Unless you are old enough that you saw Jim Brown play football in Cleveland, you have never seen the likes of a LeBron James this close. You’ve never had the good fortune to watch the greatest at what he does, night in and night out. You’ve never seen this many eye-popping, jaw-dropping, seemingly-impossible plays by one individual every time his team takes the floor.

Oh, and by he way, he’s 21, and he is in his third year in the NBA. Booing LeBron is unconscionable (excuse the boobirds from Cleveland, who just went scrambling for their dictionaries). He makes more spectacular plays every time he puts on the wine and gold uniform than the rest of the Cavaliers have in the combined history of the franchise. Yet he mises a few free throws in one contest, and possibly the stupidest people on the planet earth start booing.

For his part, James can’t believe it. He’s far too mature, though, to ever complain about it, but he may not forget, especailly if it continues when other poor nights come, which they inevitably will. Then, when the time comes for him to sign a new contract, he may decide to take his uncanny talent to a city where the fans will apprreciate his greatness.

In the event that you boobirds forgot or just never paid enough attention to know, let me point out a few other reasons to sew your lips shut, the next time you think about booing LeBron.

First, in just three years, he’s already the best player in the NBA, bar none. He’s 31 points, nearly 7 rebounds, 7 assists per game, and shoots better than 48 percent from the field. Kobe Bryant doesn’t do this, Allen Iverson doesn’t do it, and neither does Tracy McGrady.

This year, LeBron is in the top 10 in virtually every offensive category — the only player in the NBA with this distinction. He can shoot the three, attack the basket against players both big and small, and he is the most unstoppable player since Michael Jordan.

If all of this isn’t enough, consider that with career averages of 25 points and better than 6 rebounds and 6 assists, LeBron James is in a category with just one other player in the history of the NBA — Oscar Robertson.

Now, I know the Cleveland boobirds are a little slow, so let me just mention once again that King James is just 21. His legend promises to grow to heights that may transcend the sport, especially when you consider what a fine person he is in addition to his on-court prowess.

After his 8-of-19 free throw shooting night, LeBron and his Cavaliers had a difficult game at Detroit. After several more superhuman moves in the first quarter, LeBron was driving to the basket in a two-on-two fast break. Just as he passed the free throw line, he looked at his teammate, speeding alongside him on the left. James picked up the basketball in his right hand, put it behind his back, as if to make a spectacular around-the-back pass, then pulled it back and finger-rolled it up onto the rim.

The ball danced around the iron, tantalizing the crowd and millions in TV land, and then rimmed out. I gasped in amazement and tried to think of another player who could be special enough to make me sit breathless when he misses. Of course, I could think of none.

Then I wondered how many of the morons in Cleveland where watching their televisions, cursing LeBron for missing a lay-up.

Will the stupidity of Clevelanders never end?

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