Cavs Plan to Run Faster. Seriously???

Do they know something that we’ve all been missing? Otherwise it’s hard to explain how  LeBron and Lue plan to beat Golden State with their own weapon. The Warriors are the best running team in history. And not only offensively, like Nash’s Suns. So why the Cavs think that they can beat them in their own game?

One is pretty obvious: we lost last year so let do the opposite. Second: arrogance, led by half of NBA legends: running is fast, everybody can do that. Second, LeBron is not exactly happy with all that Warriors carnival and would like to show that he can do that as well. None of the reasons holds the test of logic, but ok.

On the other hand, there are handful of reasons not to and the main one is that that that’s the way Warriors want to play.

  1. That’s the way they’ve been playing the past two years, while the Cavs been trying to adopt it only in the past few months. Quite unsuccessfully to be honest until the playoffs.
  2. Decision making: Cavs have two players in their starting lineup that can move the ball forward: LeBron and Kyrie. Warriors they have 4 or 5, depends if they start with Bogut or Iguodala.
  3. Last, running the ball 5, 6, 7 games in a row with NBA Finals intensity takes a lot of effort. Golden State are the deepest and most equalized team in the NBA. In Game 2 their biggest run came when Curry wasn’t even on the court. And we are talking about the reigning MVP here. Cavs second unit can defend, but they cannot match that level of execution on the other side of the court.

Game #2 showed clearly we are talking about, but did Game #3 proved the opposite?  Definitely not.

Cavs won not because of running, but because of the intensity they showed on both ends of the pitch (someone said trade on Love is coming?). And, thanks to superb games by three key players: Kyrie, J. R and one of the best games in LeBron’s carrier.

And now to the real question. Can the Cavs do it again in two days and put the pressure on Golden State? Will see. Anything but a win in Game #4 and we can forget winning the first title since 1964.

Published by Luke Ross

Luke Ross, is the founder of Luke grew up watching and playing soccer but his heart was always in Basketball. Luke arrived in Cleveland in 1993 and turned into a Cavaliers fan since.