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The Cleveland Cavaliers came out on top with a playoff type win over the visiting Philadelphia Sixers 91-88 at the Q.  Philadelphia which has been playing very well as of late led much of the game.  Delonte West had probably his best game since joining the Cavs scoring 18 points with 11 assists and 6 rebounds.  What I like best about Delonte is how quick and athletic he is.  He can really push the ball up the floor and and a spectacular dunk during one of the fast breaks.  LeBron added 26 points with 9 assists and 9 rebounds and Z topped off with 14 points.  Absent from any playing time was Sasha who sat at the end of the bench next to Damon Jones who only played a few minutes.  Quotes from the game:

(On the game as a whole):
“We did a better job in the second half, than the first half, in getting back in transition. They had 14 fastbreak points in the first half, they had four in the second half and that affected our defense. That was huge for us. The second thing tonight was that’s a very athletic team, a very long team. They do a good job offensive rebounding and our guys did a decent job boxing out. After last night’s performance I thought tonight was a gritty gutty win.”
(On Delonte West):
“Delonte was huge. I thought defensively he made a couple of game-winning plays for us. One was a loose ball turnover and he didn’t stop. He knocked down a couple of threes, and both those threes were huge. Hopefully, over time he will continue to understand, as well as the rest of our new guys, how to continue to play off LeBron. Delonte was good in all aspects. He could be big for us. He’s a good player in a lot of different areas. He could be good for us down the stretch.”

(On the final shot):
“I just wanted to be aggressive and just take the opportunity to get us a good shot. [The plan] was to attack but I didn’t think it was there in the beginning so I backed up and relocated the defenders and just tried to attack… I was able to get it off the backboard.”
(On clinching a playoff berth and ending a three-game losing streak):
“We know we clinched, but we know we want to get better. We’re not like Boston or Detroit right now where they know they clinched and they can try some new things to get guys acclimated and get guys out there playing… It’s a little frustrating at times because we have guys in and out of the lineup but hopefully we can just continue to get better.”
(On the importance of the win):
“That’s a very good team. This month they were the second best team in the whole NBA. It’s a very good high-flying, athletic team. It was good to see that we were able to control our home court which we’ve been doing throughout this year.”
(On the team’s road woes):
“We’re just not focusing defensively on the road. We’ve had some struggles of late. We just have to get back to the basketball that we were doing before.”
(On Delonte West’s performance):
“He’s not used to getting open shots a lot. On this team, I attract a lot of double-teams and one thing he has to do is catch and shoot. He doesn’t have to think about it. Tonight that’s what he did. He was able to attack, get into the lane, and then when I gave it to him for open shots, he took them.”
(On getting Daniel Gibson back):
“He can shoot the basketball. We all know that… I know it’s a struggle for him mentally because he’s never been injured in his career. Hopefully he can just get his ankle back right and not think about it much… Hopefully he can just continue to get healthy. We’re going to need him.”
(On the current state of the team):
“We’re playing okay. We’ve had some games where we could have played better… We’ve had so many lineup changes from the last month and a half that it’s hard to catch a rhythm… We have eight games left, so we’ll see what happens.”

(On the game’s tempo):
“I think three days off definitely got my legs back under me. I found myself back to pushing the ball down the floor, creating our own tempo. Philadelphia definitely reminds me of being out on the west coast; those guys get the ball and they run. It’s going to be a tough matchup for whoever they see in the playoffs. We have got those guys one more time on their home [court] so I’m glad we came and got this win tonight because we do have to see them again.”
(On making his last shot):
“It’s funny because it goes to show how mental this game actually is. I remember sitting on the bench right before we came out from a timeout. I’m thinking ‘I’m getting ready to hit it, I’m going to sting them.’ Sure enough, the ball came right to me and I let it fly. It’s definitely a mental game and I’ll definitely try to build off of this.”

(On the game):
“It was a tough loss for us. To play Cleveland like this, with LeBron (James), it’s like a playoff atmosphere, playoff basketball. It was something I talked to the guys about, being able to play in that moment like that and we responded. We were up four (points) and Delonte West hits a three in front of our bench out of a timeout. Then, he comes down and hits another three. Obviously, that put them (Cavs) over the hump. A tough loss for us, but I liked the way we played.”
(On LeBron James responding after an off game last night in Detroit):
“That’s what superstars do. They rarely have two bad games in a row. He had a tough game in Detroit, he stepped back and came back and played the way he’s capable of playing. He’s a playmaker , he can score the ball, he made the big shot down the stretch. That’s the way superstars play.”
(On the last 3-point attempt):
“I was trying to get a little space, I got a decent look. It just didn’t go down. Both guys converged on me, Delonte and LeBron. I shot it, I kind of didn’t see the rim, but I felt like I got a decent shot off and I had a chance.”
(On LeBron James, especially in the 4th quarter):
“He got to the basket, he hit a good three, he stepped his game up and played well.”
(On the game being a playoff atmosphere):
“It was a little bit. If there was one things we got out of it, we did some things well, but there were some things we could have worked on. Just trying to be smart down the stretch.”
(On Delonte West):
“LeBron draws a lot of attention, so a lot of those guys are going to get open looks. He knocked down some shots and he made some plays. If he continues to do that, they’re going to be real good with him shooting out there, being a three-point threat.”
(On the Cavs in the 3rd quarter):
“They scored off our turnovers. We had a bunch of turnovers in the third quarter and they were scoring off of those. We only had a couple of turnovers in the first half, then in the third quarter, we had a lot that turned into dunks for them and it just the momentum going.”

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