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He is still on the roster because this is the final year of his contract, though he and the Cavs have filed paperwork and begun the process of retiring due to a disability for the knee which he injured a little more than a year ago in a pickup game. Within the next few months when several missed-game thresholds are met, the Cavs hope to win approval from an independent doctor to remove him from their books and save $7.3 million in luxury taxes and several million more with insurance coverage.


Eighteen months ago, the Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers seemed to be on the verge of a great rivalry. Both young teams were nearing 50 victories and were battling each other for second place in the Eastern Conference late in the 2006-07 regular season.

Last year, Adrian sent an e-mail to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, calling his attention to the product. One of Gilbert’s assistants introduced Adrian to the director of an entrepreneurship program Gilbert started in Michigan. That led to a giveaway of 60 All-Net Saks during a Cavs game last spring and, eventually, to getting the product on the shelf at the team shop.

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