Cavaliers clinch best record in NBA, set to face detroit in first round

James scored 37 points as the Cavaliers continued their winning streak and beat the Pacers (117-109) on Monday night. It was a big win and a big milestone for the Cavaliers as for the first time they clinched the best record in the NBA.

“It’s one step, however, it’s a big step,” James said. “When you consider all the great teams, all the great players, all the great coaches and all the great systems that are in the NBA, for us to finish with the best record is a tremendous feat. And that is something the franchise should be proud of.”

The Cavaliers have one more game on Wednesday again the 76ers. A win would tie them for the NBA record for best home mark, 40-1, set by the Boston Celtics in 1985-86.

Mike Brown might rest some players and they are not concerned about breaking that record.

“We’ve got to do what’s best for the ring,” James said. “We’ve got home-court advantage already. We’re not fighting for breaking a record anymore. We’re fighting for that ring.”

MVP votes:

ESPN asked 18 of their NBA experts to fill out their MVP ballots. It was a slam dunk for Lebron. 17 of 18 picked Lebron to win the MVP award.

Granger on Lebron:
“I think LeBron separates Cleveland from other teams,” Granger said. “Kobe’s still a great player, and D-Wade’s a great player, and Boston has their ‘Big Three,’ but I think LeBron brings so much to that team. It opens up so much for everyone else. He’s virtually unguardable, and I think he makes them special.”

With Detroit loss to Chicago last night, Detroit now clinched the eighth seed and will face Cleveland in the first round set to begin Saturday or Sunday.

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