Cavaliers and Kings Are Talking Again?

Right around February’s trade deadline, reports surfaced that the Kings were indeed shopping Bibby and there was much speculation that he could land in Cleveland. 

According to, these talks are possible once again.

Wendell Maxey from says:

“But that was then. And now, according to sources close to the Kings, Bibby is due back on the block and the Kings will revisit trade scenarios likely after next Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Acquiring Bibby would not only address Cleveland’s much needed additional scoring issue but they would gain a pure distributor who can create as well. No offense to the “Hughes at the point project”, the maturation in the playoffs of Gibson, or even the continued defensive prowess of Snow throughout the postseason. Simply put, none of the above can fill it up the way Bibby can at the point.

Bibby averaged 17.1 points, 3.2 rebounds and 4.7 assists and was the only King to play in all 82 regular-season games last year.

If Cleveland, and more importantly LeBron James, is serious about returning to the playoffs and NBA Finals next season, there has to be a changing of the guard for the Cavs. There’s nothing like stating the obvious, right?

Atlanta’s Tyronn Lue, Milwaukee’s Earl Boykins, Steve Blake in Denver, and even Steve Francis in New York have also been mentioned as possible solutions in the Cavs backcourt at one time or another. But more than these, Mike Bibby figures to be the perfect fit alongside James regardless if the Cavs are off and running or in their slow-mo half court offense. “

Published by Luke Ross

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