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Saturday Night Memphis

Let’s hope the Memphis Grizzlies offer a better opportunity for a win Saturday night. After Friday nights loss to San Antonio, the Cavaliers have a chance to rebound against a respectable Memphis team. The Grizzlies, 1-1, are projected to finish

Cavaliers Not Yet Ready To Take On the Spurs

Neither Eric Snow, Damon Jones, Mike Wilks, or Larry Hughes were able to keep Toney Parker from ripping up the Cavs defense. Their French point guard skillfully and quickly broke down every defender whom the Cavs threw at him. After

Cavalier Girls – Too Hot For Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers got off to a wonderful start winning the home opener against the Hornets, but some people are talking more about the Cavalier dancers saying they were too hot for family audience and want to have more of

Next Up – San Antonio

The Spurs are 1-0 with a win over the Denver Nuggets Tuesday night. Their next game, as with the Cavaliers, is Friday night when the two teams square off. Aaron Lopez, Rocky Mountain News predicts, along with many others, that

Cavaliers Win Home Opener

The Q was alive Wednesday night, with Ronnie Duncan not the only one bellowing out his favorite players nicknames. LeBron James, playing his first regular-season game with new teammates brought in to help get him to the playoffs, made six

Tell Me More About The Cavaliers Home Opener Opponent

The New Orleans/OKC Hornets are predicted to finish in last place of the Southwest division of the Western conference. They have a tough division, much like the Cavaliers. San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Memphis. Some interesting facts about the Cavaliers

Ilgauskas Is Ready For The Home Opener

Brian Windhorst, Beacon Journal sports writer writes, “Zydrunas Ilgauskas used to view season openers like plane landings: If he walked away, he was happy. Nearly five years removed from his debilitating foot injuries, the Cavaliers center has become more of

Will LeBron James Win the MVP?

Last season the home crowd chanted almost in every game MVP for LJ. But that wasn’t enough to get him the MVP award after the team took a deep dive at the end of the season and missed the playoffs