Blowout in Cleveland

Apparently LeBron was frustrated with the injuries and lack focus and energy from the Cavs.  At one point in the game James sat down on the bench away from the rest of the team during a timeout.  Damon Jones said something to LeBron, that went unanswered.
”I just think in those situations we have to stick together,” Jones said after the game. ”Something had to be said at that point. No big thing.’  Well the score said enough as the Cavs went on to lose 113-83 over the visiting Denver Nuggets.  Eric Snow couldn’t buy a basket and the Cavs were doomed from the very start.

Local Media Reaction

Bad gets worse for Cavs

Cavs humiliated at home by Nuggets

National Media Reaction

Anthony’s 27 leads Nuggets over Cavs

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