Ben Wallace Speaks Out

Ben Wallace speaks with WDFN-AM during a recent stint in Michigan to spread the word about the new, low-cost ($14.98) basketball shoes he’s promoting.
Wallace says he knew Cleveland would come out strong, but was still surprised the Pistons lost the series.
While watching the series, he says couldn’t help but think of what he would have done had he still been in a Pistons uniform while LeBron James was blowing through the Pistons’ defense. “Somebody’s gotta step up and try to stop this guy,” Wallace says, “send him to the foul line or something.”
Regardless of the loss to the Pistons last year, “it was a great learning experience for a young group of guys.” And he’s confident with where the Bulls stand right now. “We’re definitely in a position where we can compete with anybody in this league.”

Source:  Mlive.Com

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