Youth not in LeBron’s Fave 5

LeBron James said he did not purchase a ticket or invite Anthony Erskine to Wednesday’s game at the Izod center. For those of you watching the game on March 5th against the New York Knicks, Erskine, 17 was the person who made his way uninvited into the Cavaliers huddle. He was a huge LeBron fan who was overwhelmed and got caught up in the moment. James shook his hand and the fan was quickly escorted off the court.

In regard to the rumors floating around that LeBron purchased him a ticket to the New Jersey game, James said “It never happened, I don’t know where that rumor came from.” If Erskine showed up, James said he would not know anything about it. “I wouldn’t know unless someone told me,” James said. “It happened so fast. I don’t remember what he looks like.”

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