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Julian Dickinson from Sports Betting.Com says sports fans in Cleveland haven’t been this excited since the Tribe almost made the playoffs this year. Hey, give ‘em a break. These are the kind of things you get pumped up about in a city that hasn’t won a professional sports championship in 20 years. The latest cause for premature celebration on the banks of the Cuyahoga is the Cavaliers’ current record. But that’s also a record against the spread and overzealous Cleveland fans aren’t the only ones roused by the Cavs’ hot start.

“With teams getting more publicity, they get more general support and Cleveland are getting that now,” said Betcris.com oddsmaker Shane Catford. “LeBron James is a terrific marketing tool and a super athlete and it`s similar to a young Michael Jordan, so if he keeps going the same way, the general public will bet the Cleveland games more and more.”

A few good offseason moves have significantly improved this lineup. Larry Hughes is handling the point much better than Jeff McInnis did last year and Donyell Marshall is making a serious impact from the bench. Oh yeah. And James is a year older and (if you can believe it) looking even better. That partly explains why the Cavaliers are killing the bookies this year, but Covers Expert Steve Merril says their winning ways are no fluke – and there’s no reason it shouldn’t continue. “Heading into the season, I felt the Cavaliers were going to be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference,” Merril said. “Keep in mind Cleveland barely missed making the playoffs last year and should be stronger now with more experience and the key offseason addition of Larry Hughes from the Wizards.”

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