What does Sports Illustrated think of the Cavaliers?

There isn’t a whole lot that David Sabino from Sports Illustrated likes about the Cavaliers this year.  I just received my latest edition and he has the Cavaliers ranked number 5 in the Eastern Conference behind Boston, Detroit, Chicago and Miami.  Wow the Celtics number 1.  Tariq and I went to game four of the finals last year and saw Danny Ferry coming out of one of the loges just as the game was ending.  Tariq, in a rather loud voice told him “you had better make some changes this summer Ferry”.  I guess he didn’t hear him!

David writes “I’m not a big fan of this team, and I think you’ll find a lot of people in the league who feel the same way.  The Cavs have a sense of entitlement because they have Lebron James, but I don’t see how they can get back to the Finals, because they haven’t done anything to improve the team-and they still haven’t resolved contract issues with Anderson Varejao and Sasha Pavlovic.  We’ll have a better feel in a few more years, but I have a suspicion that Lebron is going to turn out to have more in common with Carmelo Anthony than he does with Dwayne Wade.  Wade has a better chance to be like Michale Jordon, because he looks more willing to play hard all of the time than Lebron does.  Larry Hughes teases you so much with his talent, but he’s a fragile guy physically and in terms of confidence.  He’d be a lot better as a third guard than as a starter.  Coach Mike Brown got his players to buy into the idea that they need to make stops to win by saying that if you make stops, you can do whatever you want on offense.”  By the way, SI also has Mike Brown as one of the 5 coaches on the hot seat this year.

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